Mathematical Bureau
Mathematical Modelling In Electricity Market

I spent almost 12 years as working for other people and have now made the decision to work as a contractor because the following three points are essential for me:

  • I prefer project-based work to ongoing work: I like specific beginning and end points, specific requirements and clear responsibilities. Projects give me an endpoint, and it's critical for me to reach that end.
  • I want to be paid for the results I provide. I am happy to manage issues like workplace organisation, medical insurance, taxes, etc., in exchange for flexibility. I'm only able to work highly efficiently for 4-5 hours a day. In addition, I need long vacations while I reflect on my experiences and write blogs and papers about new achievements.
  • Projects create close partnerships with teammates and clients which means that I not only share my expertise but also learn about new subareas and problems in the power market. I like to exchange my talent and knowledge for money and new knowledge. And, for me, the new knowledge as important as the money.

Currently, I'm open to new proposals. I want to apply my talents to other power markets apart from the Russian one. I've done several projects for the Wholesale Power Market of Russia, solving the following mathematical problems:

  1. Short-term day-ahead price and consumption forecasts, for Thomson Reuters and in my PhD research.
  2. Electricity market price analysis problems, for Thomson Reuters and the Administrator of Trade System (power exchange in Russia).
  3. Optimisation of combined heat and power plant operations, for Stins Coman company in partnership with IRM/OpenLink Vienna office.
  4. Combined heat and power plant fuel rate calculation, for Stins Coman.
  5. Steam and gas turbines models development, for Stins Coman.

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