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Mathematical Modelling In Electricity Market
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January 27 2021

4.1.Thermodynamic methods comparison
4.1.1.Comparison principles
4.1.2.Efficiency, advantages, and disadvantages
4.1.3.Numeric analysis
4.2.Economic method comparison
4.2.1.Comparison principles
4.2.2.Efficiency, advantages, and disadvantages
4.2.3.Numerical analysis

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January 27 2021

2.1. Classification of methods
2.2. Fuel rate calculation methods used in Russia
2.2.1. “Physical” method
2.2.2. Exergy method
2.2.3. Proportional distribution method by ORGRES
2.2.4. Work method (Russian name is “method on under-produced electricity”)
2.2.5. Steam parameters consideration method
2.3. Cost allocation methods used in countries with developed electricity and heat markets
2.3.1. Exergy method
2.3.2. Work method
2.3.3. Energy method
2.3.4. Method of an alternative way of heat supply
2.3.5. Method of an alternative way of electricity supply
2.3.6. Benefit distribution method
2.3.7. Benefit and risk-sharing method