Irina Chuchueva's project dedicated to mathematical modelling in the power market

The Mathematical Bureau was founded in July 2010. After receiving 500,000 blog and article views in Russian, the necessity of creating an English twin became obvious. The English version was launched in March 2019.


My name is Irina Chuchueva. I've been working as an applied mathematician in the Wholesale Electricity Market of Russia since 2007. This project acts as my business card. Here, I have collated my knowledge to share my experiences with colleagues. Hopefully, my blogs and articles will be useful to them. I'm open to offers for collaborations in the area of mathematical modelling in power.

The Objectives of the Mathematical Bureau:

Current Work:

1. Developing the short-term power consumption forecast tool to participate in the closed forecast competition in Russia in 2019-2020. Done!
2. Participating in ASHRAE - Great Energy Predictor III, achiving 10% result with late uploads.  
3. Developing price forecast models for the European Power Market.  

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