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The story of how my thesis was rejected by the Commodity and Energy Markets Association-2021

I am preparing by going through the program and reading abstracts for the Commodity and Energy Markets Association-2021 conference. I would like to highlight three points.

  1. In June 2021, how many papers do you think are related to the COVID-19 impact on the commodity markets? One! Out of 72.
  2. In June 2021, how many papers do you think are dedicated to the first big data power consumption open competition ASHRAE – Great Energy Predictor III" that happened at the end of 2019? None! Out of 72.
  3. How many accepted authors do you think come from the "practical side"? Eight out of 174. In particular: World Bank – two people; Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas – two people; and one person from Amundi – Anatec, Ardea Investment Management, INECO CAPITAL LTD, FTI Consulting. The other 166 are from universities, schools, and different commissions.

Truly, the scientists live on the moon and organize conferences to praise one another! Ironically, many of them claim to be practical…

  • On one hand, today I feel disappointed and angry. I have an uncomfortable suspicion that both my title (Independent Contractor) and the paper with explicit reference to a signed, non-disclosed agreement are the cause of my rejection. Read this rejection story, you might like it. And you know what am I going to do? I’m a tough practitioner with 14 years of real project experience for millions of euros successfully closed. So, I’m going to ask the tough questions of the ones who strive to be useful for people like me. I’m from the Earth and I already don’t like these Mooners.